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Mezzanine Floor Staircases

A staircase can either be a functional part of your mezzanine floor or it could act as an inviting feature of it, alluring customers and clients to explore your added level. Whatever your need is our designers and safety experts are available and on hand to offer more information and talk you though all the features, design options, regulations and requirements of your staircase.

Staircase Options

Your staircase options are dependent on what the use of your mezzanine floor is for. If your mezzanine floor is simply for storage or industrial purposes then your staircase needs to conform to part K of the building regulations document. This means that your staircase will typically have an 800mm – 900mm tread width with handrails either side where required. The handrails for part K staircases must be a minimum height of 900mm with a 500mm mid-rail for safety.

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Mezzanine Floor Design and Installation

Whereas if your mezzanine floor is to be used as an office space then your staircase needs to conform to part M of the building regulations document which details that it must be suitable for disabled use in relation to access and use of a building. The width for ambulant disabled part M staircases must be a minimum of 1200mm with closed treads. Contrasting tread safety edge nosing and continuous handrails throughout, and on both sides where required, are compulsory. If the staircase exceeds 12 risers then a landing is required.

Any mezzanine floor that is being used for public use, for example in a retail store, then you will require a public access staircase. All public access staircases must have a handrail top height of 900mm and have an infill panelling of either glass, mesh, vertical bars or decorative steel.

Staircase Design

Whatever your staircase is used for you can be sure that we have a suitable design for it. We offer a variety of finishes and colours for our staircases giving you the option to incorporate a colour scheme or look that represents your business appropriately. Our staircases can be finished with galvanised steel or in a powder coat or gloss finish.

All of our staircases are specifically designed and are fabricated in mild steel and are in keeping with the building regulations and British standards, whether an internal or external structure.