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Mezzanine Pallet Gates

The purpose of a pallet gate is to allow the safe loading and unloading of pallets and stock at various height levels. Once the pallet is on the correct floor, it can be retrieved using a forklift truck or hand stacker.

The pallet gate itself acts a part of a physical barrier to prevent workers from falling off the mezzanine floor to the ground below during the loading or unloading process. Our pallet gates are designed to be simple to use requiring minimal effort, and crucially it will never come to rest unassisted in between the two park positions.

First Floors understand that moving stock can be one of the most challenging tasks in an industrial environment. With that in mind, our pallet gates have been designed so that no edge is ever left exposed – a crucial feature that we believe heightens the safety of those operating it and ensures anyone using our pallet gate at the edge of a mezzanine floor is always safely behind a handrail.

Robust and easy to operate with an up-and-over lift system, First Floors pallet gates are the easiest and safest addition to any industrial or storage mezzanine floor. All our products are fully compliant with mezzanine flooring edge protection and with little maintenance required, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that your employees are safe.

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Pallet Gates Design Variety

As pallet gates are often a key part of any storage mezzanine floor, we currently offer the opportunity for you to select a coloured finish to ensure your new pallet gate fits in with your company colours.

We can also provide edge and top chequer-wear plates to protect your edge and top surface from damage. First Floors will discuss the most suitable option for your mezzanine floor and, if needed, adapt our up-and-over style pallet gates to suit your specific requirements.