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First Floors offer a range of other products that have been specifically designed to enhance the look of your mezzanine flooring as well as making it as effective as possible for whatever function you may require. Regardless of whether you will be using your mezzanine floor for retail, office or storage use, our range of additional products can help to optimise and define the spaces as you want them.

We have a variety of products available including:

  • Handrails – As all mezzanine floors require edge protection to comply with health and safety, choose something that is durable, robust and secure.
  • Staircases – An important part of any functioning mezzanine floor, our selection of staircases can look great in any setting.
  • Pallet Gates – The process of moving pallets up and down between floors needs to be as safe as possible, so invest in one of our pallet gates.
  • Decking – Choosing the most appropriate decking for your mezzanine floor can have a huge impact on the way it looks and functions.
  • Fire Protection – Mezzanine floors over 20m in length or width require adequate fire protection, so let us help you keep your premises safe.
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Not only do our products fulfil important roles in the safety and security of your mezzanine floor, they also give you the power to create a bespoke look for your business, integrating your mezzanine floor stylishly into your existing premises whilst meeting all required UK health and safety guidelines.

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Mezzanine Floor Design and Installation

Whatever industry you may be involved in, First Floors can make your mezzanine floor work for you. Our customisable designs give us complete flexibility, meaning we can leave your mezzanine floor simple and functional or give it a high quality finish for a more stylish retail or office space.

We will design your mezzanine floor to the exact specification that you need, offering our professional advice as well as a variety of other products to let you characterise your new space as you require. You will be given the option to change the designs prior to construction.

All of our products meet the statutory requirements and are to British standards.