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Mezzanine Decking Options

First Floors UK have over 27 years of mezzanine flooring experience, making us the perfect choice when it comes to helping you select a decking option for your floor.

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your new mezzanine floor, choosing the most appropriate decking option can have a huge effect on both the overall look of your floor and its durability depending on its use. First Floors UK can provide expert advice on finding a decking solution that gives your floor an ideal finish at an affordable price.

There are a range of decking finishes available, from particle board to aluminium to fibreglass – this means there really is something for everyone and each project can be assessed to establish which of these materials is most suitable. Our team will work alongside you to understand what type of environment the flooring will be in, and they can then advise on the best material for that area.

To speak to an expert member of our team, please contact us today on 01789 764172.

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Choose Your Own Decking Option

The most common type of mezzanine decking option is particle board. This material is constructed out of small timber particles that are bonded together with resin to form a strong and durable sheet. Each board is connected to the next using tongue-and-groove to give a smooth skin across the entire floor, making it ideal for industrial areas or warehouses.

A more hard-wearing option would be steel, which provides exceptional strength and durability qualities when laid as a mezzanine floor. It has the added benefit of being safe from fire, and it can be painted to fit business colours if required. If you need a mezzanine floor that has to cope with high loads, steel is potentially the best option for you.

First Floors offer a wide range of mezzanine floor decking designs and styles, ideal for retail storesoffice accommodationstorage platforms, and industrial plants. We’ll consult with you to ensure that suitable decking is installed to your mezzanine floor to fit with its function or the image that you require.

We can provide a choice of:

  • Steel or aluminium chequer plate
  • Open steel mesh flooring
  • 38mm high density particle board, P6 grade, natural finish
  • 38mm high density particle board, P5 grade (moisture resistant) natural finish

All of the above boards are also available in a non-slip finish to increase the safety of staff and/or customers and/or a silver or white foil class ‘O’ finish the underside which enhances the light below the decking through reflection. It is important to remember that all of our decking is in keeping with British Standards.

For any bespoke finishes that you may require for your mezzanine floor just contact us for a consultation.