How to Build a Safe Mezzanine Floor

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How to Build a Safe Mezzanine Floor

During a consultation with our team of experts, we work together to design the safest, most cost-effective, and beneficial mezzanine flooring layout for your business. We always ensure that your mezzanine floor is easy to use so that your customers and workforce can escape the area in the case of a fire or other hazard. It is a legal requirement to follow Building Regulations Part B2 Fire Safety when building mezzanine flooring. Our team have many years of experience installing high-quality flooring for the business sectors.

Depending on the size of your mezzanine floor you will need more than one staircase with handrails to ensure a safe environment for your team. Multiple exit points in the event of a fire, or when your building suddenly has to evacuate is crucial so that everyone can safely leave the building without the risk of panic or injuries. We can recommend the ideal layout of exit points, staircases and planned escape routes for your business, contact us today to learn more about fire protection and safety.

For more information about risk management advice, or to book a mezzanine flooring consultation with one of our specialists contact 01789 764172 today.

Fire Escape 1 Scaled

How to Escape a Mezzanine Floor in the Event of a Fire

  1. Don’t panic and try to remain calm.
  2. Don’t try to save anything if it will put you in danger.
  3. Avoid breathing the smoke by staying low and covering your face.
  4. Find and alert others of your mezzanine flooring’s nearest staircase or exit point.
  5. Leave the mezzanine floor down the staircase or exit point in a single file – do not push other people.
  6. When you have safely left the building, continue to make your way to your business’s fire destination meeting point.
  7. When you are in safety make sure yourself or someone else has called the emergency services to put the fire out.

Our team are always available to answer your queries regarding fire safety and protection for a commercial business. We have many resources for clients interested in mezzanine flooring, our health & safety page, building regulations page and fire protection pages are useful for any director, business owner or management team. If you would like more specialised advice concerning the safety of your mezzanine flooring, get in touch today on 01789 764172.