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Health and Safety

Having an effective health and safety strategy in the workplace is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a secure operation for both employees and members of the public. The key to a safe working environment is installing a plan of preventative measures that help to reduce the risks posed to workers. Premises such as warehouses and storage areas require special attention when it comes to health and safety as they usually pose higher risk levels, partly due to the use of heavy machinery and slippery flooring.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is a key piece of legislation that was introduced to protect the safety of employees and members of the public. It ensures employers adhere to a specific set of health and safety guidelines that reduce workplace risks and promote safe practises. The act also requires employers to:

  • Provide staff with adequate welfare provisions
  • Provide staff with adequate training regarding health and safety
  • Ensure safe use, handling and storage of dangerous chemicals or substances
  • Ensure safe entry and exit of the workplace
  • Ensure safe operation and maintenance of the working environment
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Avoid Injury With Safe Practices

The most common types of injuries sustained by employees in the UK are the result of slips and trips, closely followed by manual handling and injuries from falling objects. It is estimated that slips and trips cost UK businesses approximately £500 million every year, with the Health and Safety Executive advising that employers all adopt an attitude that doesn’t just highlight a problem, but fixes it. The best way to avoid slips and trips is to ensure all employers are wearing suitable footwear; something that is fitted, suitable for the working environment and non-slip. Similarly, the flooring of the workplace should be kept clean and free from obstructions such as wires or cables.

Injuries caused by the manual handling of large objects amount to over 3,000 reported incidents last year. Most of these could have been avoided by making appropriate adjustments to manual handling tasks, for example breaking items down into smaller more manoeuvrable pieces or moving them with a fork-lift truck. Employees that work at a height should also take steps to ensure their safety. Similarly to manual handling, working at height should be avoided unless absolutely necessary – and even then, it should be well planned and supervised correctly. Our mezzanine floors can be installed with handrails and edge protection to ensure employees are protected from falls and any objects that fall from above.

Mezzanine floors offer a perfect opportunity to maximise space for your business without the need for relocation. They can be designed with a number of safety features which make looking after your workers a priority. To find out more about our mezzanine floor designinstallation and manufacturers, or for information about our office fit outs and partitioningcontact our team today!