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All mezzanine floors require edge protection for health and safety purposes on all exposed edges. Edge protection is a critical part of any mezzanine floor design, as they need to be secure and robust. Most people will reach out for a handrail when ascending or descending stairs, and having a suitable handrail can help to reduce accidents by supporting individuals in regaining their balance if they slip or fall.

Safety is the priority with any handrail and edge protection solution. All our products in this area have been rigorously tested to ensure their suitability and reliability in the moments when they are needed, guaranteeing the safety of your employees or customers in any scenario. The handrails that we supply are completely customisable to the needs of your business, providing protection to employees whilst matching the design of your premises. With different styles suitable for retail and industrial settings alike and offering a range of colours and finishes we can provide the perfect safety feature for your business.

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Mezzanine Railing Scaled
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Custom Handrail Design

Our unique edging protection design can be used to make a real visual impact in any workspace, this is particularly useful if your mezzanine floor will be used by the public in a retail or office environment.  Our custom handrail design allows you to customise your edging protection to suit the decor of your premises, whilst ensuring safety at all times.

There is currently a legal requirement for any mezzanine flooring handrail to be at least a height of 1100mm, with a second horizontal bar at approximately halfway. Kick plates are not currently required, but we do recommend them as they help to avoid small items being kicked off the floor. All our new mezzanine floors are provided with handrail and kick plates as standard unless specified otherwise, or in situations such as commercial mezzanines with office partitions.

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Our Handrails:

  • Standard Edge Protection – Mild steel posts and galvanised hand and knee rails, available in powder coat or gloss finish. Suitable as a basic edge protection system for your mezzanine floor.
  • Stainless Steel Handrails – Our stainless steel handrails and posts with glass infill panels are all made to measure and give a quality finish and look any staircase or mezzanine floor edge. A popular choice for office accommodation and the retail sector.
  • Wall Mounted Handrails – We offer a variety of wall mounted handrails to fit the suitability or functionality of your staircase whether for image or practical purposes. All of our wall mounted handrails are specifically designed to fix to any wall type.
  • Mild Steel Handrails – Our variety of mild steel handrails are made to measure and can be finished with a powder coating or a gloss finish. Circular posts and handrails offer a professional finish and are suitable for retail, public, office and industrial spaces.
  • Mesh Panelled Handrails – Steel posts and handrails with mesh infill panels can also be manufactured and made to measure. This option is more suited to an industrial or storage used mezzanine floor or staircase, as the mesh panels are more likely to prevent any items falling through gaps in the edge protection systems.