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First Floors Mezzanine (UK) LTD offers a plethora of acoustic partitioning systems that meet the specifications of the modern office. Because we understand the importance of clear communication within the office settings, we can guarantee that our systems include soundproofing, sound absorption and a combination of both capabilities.

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Soundproofing Versus Sound Absorption

To ensure you make the right decision, we would like to clarify a few aspects regarding the acoustic features of our systems. Soundproofing refers to the ability of preventing sound from entering or leaving the room. Therefore, the soundproofing systems have the role of limiting noise coming from copiers, printers, fax machines and your chatter.

Sound absorption is a quality that improves the clarity of sound within a space. The superior sound quality results from the material’s ability to minimise echo effects and reverberation. The sound insulation conferred by these systems makes them the perfect choice a conference room where speech intelligibility and concentration are important.

Types of Acoustic Partitioning Systems

As previously mentioned, we provide three basic types of acoustic partitioning, each customisable in accordance to your style, design and preferences, namely:

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Tenon Vitrage (dB)

The Tenon Vitrage system represents the ideal choice for companies that place a great deal of emphasis on the appearance of their office. Bound to guarantee a modern and open look, the partitioning system has the advantage of ensuring a sound reduction performance of up to 47 dB. Furthermore, thanks to its two-part base, our team can install the system with minimal disturbance to your operations.

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Komfire 75

Featuring 75 mm thick plasterboards and metal studs, Komfire 75 Acoustic Partitioning is a great choice for offices of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to its aluminium edge, the system permits up to 43 dB acoustic attainment. Lastly, it’s worth noting that the Komfire 75 incorporates feature that ensure a minimum 30 minutes fire protection.

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Komfire 100

Capable of attainment up to 52 dB sound reduction, the Komfire 100 Acoustic Partitioning is a great solution for offices where sound clarity is vital for daily operations. Available in both glazed and solid versions, and incorporating 100 mm thick panels, the system also guarantees a fire protection of at least 100 minutes.

Customisable Acoustic Partitioning Systems

We want you to know that we design our acoustic partitioning systems to meet your exact prerequisites. Moreover, all components are prefabricated before the delivery, so we can guarantee a minimum disruption of your office operations.

Contact us today and find out how our systems can help you improve productivity and communication in your company. First Floors Mezzanine (UK) LTD services Birmingham as well as the other areas in the UK and Scotland.

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