Why Mezzanine Floors Beat all the Alternatives

When it comes to expanding your business, there are a number of options available – but here’s why mezzanine flooring will always come out on top.

If the space you have is feeling restrictive, mezzanine flooring can breathe new life into that old building you thought was too small for your growing business. They are perfect for larger buildings where storage or office space is desperately needed by utilising some of the wasted airspace above.

Mezzanine floors are simply a raised platform that is not a fully integrated level of your building, meaning it offers a flexible solution to a wide range of business needs. They are usually made from a sturdy steel frame and can be finished off with staircases and handrails as required. It is also possible to add more than one tier of flooring, meaning you can enjoy two or even three times your floor space!

With all of this considered, you can see why mezzanine flooring offers a cheaper and more flexible alternative to moving premises. They can be fully customised for a range of purposes too, including office space, retail space, maintenance work areas, walkways and gantries. Each floor is only restricted by the space it will sit inside, so it is perfect for any business that is happy in its current location, but desperate for more floor space.

Expanding any premises will obviously come at a cost. It’s crucial that you take this into consideration, as extensive building work to manipulate the available space in your favour can often be extremely expensive. Mezzanine flooring can usually be installed at a fraction of the cost of other expansion methods like building works or relocation, so consider them as a fast, flexible alternative.

Due to the fact that every building is different, and every business will require different features, it’s always best to call in the experts for a simple site survey. Our team can draw up a quick representation of what you could expect to achieve with your mezzanine floor, highlighting any potential obstacles and making suggestions for other features along the way.

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