When is the right time for a mezzanine floor?

If your office, warehouse or shop is being held back by one of these common problems, now is the perfect time to install a mezzanine floor.

The problem: Your office is overflowing

Did you know that a poor working environment has a tangible impact on not only employee happiness, but on their efficiency and productivity too? That’s because a cramped office is difficult to move around in, is noisy, and, more often than not, is full of overflowing desks and filing cabinets. Such an environment is not conducive to a positive working atmosphere as it not only makes it hard to concentrate, but to find the equipment and information needed for your staff to do their jobs.

How a mezzanine floor can help:

A mezzanine floor is the ideal extra space you need to expand your office space, allowing you to accommodate a growing team, overflowing files, or to hold meetings with clients in a room that doesn’t look like a broom cupboard. We can provide you with everything you need to build an office you can be proud of, including partitions, storage and fit out services.

The problem: You’ve had to turn business away

Have you ever had to turn away new business simply because you didn’t have enough space to accommodate the additional workload? Such a dilemma may save you money now, as you don’t have to invest in extra space, but in the long run seriously affects your ability expanding and take on even more work which, over time, can add up to a serious loss of income.

How a mezzanine floor can help:

Many businesses put off expanding their enterprise because they lack the space, resources and/or time to do so. The installation of a mezzanine floor however, is more cost-effective and far less time-consuming than building an extension or moving premises all together. As mezzanine floor specialists, we have perfected the design and installation of our mezzanine floors, so you can get that all-important additional room and expand your capabilities all with minimal disruption and cost.

The problem: Your shop doesn’t have space

In order to boost your shop’s sales, it can be tempting to squeeze in a little more stock and a few more product lines. However, when you do this you risk on not only creating a cramped and confusing space for your customers to move around in, but can also be overwhelming.

How can a mezzanine floor help?

Create all the retail space you need with a mezzanine floor designed and built to your specifications and requirements. You can use it to install changing rooms, display extra stock or even turn the space into interactive zones to encourage more customers to visit your store. With a wide range of railings, staircases and other accessories available, you can ensure your mezzanine floor reflects your shop’s brand perfectly.

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