What is mezzanine flooring?

Mezzanine flooring is a raised platform that can be used for storage or extra office accommodation purposes. Mezzanine floors are a very popular option for businesses needing more space to adapt to their growing team or product range.

It can be a temporary solution for buildings needing more space, but mezzanine flooring has the capability to be very long-lasting due to its craftsmanship and durable nature. Our steel mezzanine floors utilise unused overhead space in warehouses, offices and retail stores across the UK. Mezzanine floors can offer almost 100% extra room for businesses to display products, build a stockroom, or accommodate team members – there are endless possibilities! The main benefit of mezzanine floors is that in most cases you don’t need planning permission, do always double-check with your local council before commencing with any major building work.

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Differences between mezzanine floors

Office Mezzanine Floors

Office Mezzanine floors are specifically designed for the office sector, so it suits a variety of needs and requirements. There’s no need to relocate to new premises with office mezzanine flooring, so whether you need more space for training or meeting areas, staff break rooms, control rooms or a new workspace for administrative staff, our experts can help!

Retail Mezzanine Floors

Retail mezzanine are recommended for stores that want to increase their sales floor area, to adapt to their growing business. The extra space that mezzanine flooring provides can be used to store or display products to the public, which you’re sure to get your return on investment in no time.

Storage Mezzanine Floors

Storage mezzanine floors allow businesses the ultimate flexibility to expand their existing storage space. Popular for warehouses, factories, offices, and retail buildings, storage mezzanine can include our racking or shelving products to create a more efficient working environment for your team.

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