What are the benefits of suspended ceilings?

Suspending ceilings are a fantastic method of adding a number of benefits to your existing premises and are also fairly straightforward to implement.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘dropped ceiling’, suspended ceilings are a secondary lower plane that is installed directly below the structural ceiling of the property. They are typically installed by hanging a metal frame from the original ceiling which is then filled in with tiles.

If you’re looking to conceal a particularly unattractive building element such as wiring, piping or air ducts, a suspended ceiling could be the solution. They can bring an additional aesthetic benefit to any premises, while the cavity between the existing ceiling and the suspended ceiling is perfect for the addition of extra lighting fixtures or air conditioning systems. We can also advise you on filling this space with an energy-efficient insulation material that can offer improved temperature control and ultimately lower your energy bills.

It’s always important to consider the type of material that will be used to suspend your ceiling and cover the metallic structure. To comply with UK Building Regulations, any material used should meet the specific requirements that your property has – for example, suspended ceilings are generally very popular in hospitals and in this instance, anti-microbial tiles that have a special coating on them designed to kill off any bacteria would be the recommended solution here.

There is a large range of tiles available that can be used to meet almost any need. Fire-resistant tiles are also available and the cavity above the suspended ceiling can even be installed with fire-resistant insulation.

Suspended ceilings are a stylish aesthetic solution

Usually the most common reason for installing a suspended ceiling is the added aesthetic benefit they provide. A suspended ceiling can help a property feel more intimate by decreasing the overall height of the room and, depending on the choice of tiling, can give the property a sense of style you just can’t get with traditional ceilings.

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