Mezzanine Flooring Installation Process

With a wide range of purposes, mezzanine floors are growing in popularity across the retail and commercial industry.

If your business is enjoying success and looking to grow, the cost of relocating your company can be expensive. Mezzanine flooring offers an affordable alternative to relocation without the need to spend a lot of money – in some cases, a mezzanine floor can double your floor space!

They also bring a number of benefits to businesses of all sizes including the creation of additional storage space, offering savings on the cost of relocating as well as bringing an aesthetically pleasing solution to customer-facing environments.

So what happens when you agree to install a mezzanine floor in your premises?


Before any work can begin at your premises, it’s vital that a thorough design and manufacturing process takes place. We will map out the needs of your business using computer-aided design (CAD) software to allow us to factor in all manner of measurements and materials to guarantee your mezzanine floor will be installed quickly and efficiently. Being able to see your floor before installation begins allows changes to be made before manufacture, rather than after the process has begun.


Thanks to the thorough planning process that takes place prior to this stage, the installation of a mezzanine floor is actually significantly quicker and easier than you’d think. While construction is taking place, unauthorised personnel will be unable to access the area as per health and safety regulations. This means that if your business can cope with a reduced operating space, great; if not, your business may need to cease operations for a period of time to allow installation to take place. Our installation team will work with you to find the most suitable solution for your business requirements.


Once your mezzanine floor has been installed, you will be able to utilise it for whatever purpose you decide. This could be additional storage space, another floor for customers to experience more products or an extra office space – the possibilities are endless. A high quality mezzanine floor will last for many years, so even if the time does come where your business needs to relocate, it is more than likely that you’ll be able to deconstruct your mezzanine and take it with you to new premises.

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