The best ways to utilise your office space

The layout and organisation of your office plays a large role in the productivity and efficiency of your staff.

Many studies reflect this concept, and suggest that a well-structured office often results in happier and therefore more productive employees.

A good place to start when considering optimisation of your office space is how best to organise your workforce. For ultimate productivity, it is recommended that you group together all team members that are working on the same project, in the same department, or have similar roles.

Ensuring that your staff have the correct equipment is the first step to ensuring that your workforce is able to work as effectively as they can. This includes their working space. Employees will benefit greatly from adequate work space, plus extra room for any equipment such as printers or photocopiers – if your office isn’t blessed with space, a mezzanine floor could be the answer to your troubles, and the recipe to the success of your business!

As well as having adequate space, it is also important that your workforce have access to private areas. Whether they need a place for meetings, or a quiet location to speak to clients, optimum productivity relies largely on maximum utilisation of the office space you have.

Optimising your office space by installing a mezzanine floor is the ideal way to ensure that as little work-time as possible is lost (much less that if you were to relocate), plus adding the benefit of extending space within your current and familiar working environment.

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