The benefits of shelving platforms and systems

We understand the importance of shelving platforms and systems in the workplace. They aid organisation and assure smoothness of business tasks.

We provide 3 different types of storage systems that cater for every business and warehouse need from Shelving Systems, Pallet Racking Storage Systems, and Floor Over Racking.

We provide efficiency and organisation with our products that offer businesses the chance to thrive. It is vital to maximise space in your business as it can save money, and make profit, a factor that is crucial to a successful company.

Shelving Platforms and Systems we offer include:

Shelving Systems

Shelving systems are a fantastic way to save money and reduce the number of accidents in the workplace, as their organisational structure is so simple it allows employees to work faster and more effectively without risk. Shelving platforms are perfect for large offices or warehouses as they provide the ultimate large-scale storage solution. Shelving systems take up minimal space due to the shelves stacked upon one another, and provide a simple way to showcase products clearly and enable them to be retrieved easily.

Pallet Racking Storage Systems

Pallet racking storage systems are purposely designed to withstand heavy weights in order to cater to the demanding needs of businesses in all industries. We offer a broad selection of  pallet racking storage systems, including: wide aisle standard pallet racking, narrow aisle pallet racking, double deep pallet racking, push back pallet racking, drive in pallet racking, mobile pallet racking and external/galvanised pallet racking. For more information about a storage solution to suit your business, get in touch today.

Floor Over Racking

A system designed to enhance the needs of your business, floor over racking revolutionises the way businesses manage their stock and work flow. To maximise the potential of your warehouse space, floor over racking is a great alterative to shelving on the work floor, as it’s built in the air! Extra storage that can be used for products or even as offices, floor over racking is flexible, adjustable and versatile. Our specifically designed staircases allow access to the high-level racking to ensure your employees safety, made with either steel mesh or particle boardwalk ways for durability.

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