Step by step buying guide to getting the perfect mezzanine floor

Does your business need more space? A mezzanine floor could be the simple and cost-effective answer you’ve been looking for! Read on to discover how easy finding and installing a mezzanine floor can be with our step by step buying guide.

Step 1 – Contact a leading mezzanine floor company

The very first step to finding your ideal mezzanine floor is to contact a reputable company. At First Floors, we have 30 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and installing mezzanine floors of all shapes and sizes and for an array of different uses, from offices to warehouses to shop floors. For a chat about your needs, simply call us on 01789 764172 today.

Step 2 – Arrange an on-site survey

Once we’ve established a rough idea of your mezzanine flooring needs, we will arrange for one of our experienced engineers to visit your site to conduct a survey – at a date and time to suit you. During the visit, the engineer will take measurements and safety calculations. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Step 3 – Specifications and quotation

Following the on-site survey, the engineer will establish a full specification of your mezzanine floor and a quotation which we will send to you for your approval. Again, if you have any questions or adjustments to the specification, we’re here to help.

Step 4 – Designing your mezzanine floor

After you have agreed with the specifications and quotation, we’ll get to work on creating technical, detailed drawings and structural calculations of your mezzanine floor using CAD technology. These are important documents as they act as a guide for the manufacturing of your floor and obtain any necessary building regulations.

Step 5 – The manufacturer of your mezzanine floor

The next step is the actual construction of your mezzanine floor. At First Floors, we have our own dedicated manufacturing facility where we create all our mezzanine floors. This ensures we are able to maintain strict quality controls and building techniques that have been perfected over the last 30 years. It also means there is no middleman, so we are able to keep costs down and pass on the savings to you.

Step 6 – Installation

Now for the fun part – installation. The mezzanine floor is pre-fabricated which means our expert installation team are able to install your fantastic new floor in as little time as possible and with minimal disruption to your business.

So, if you’re looking to optimise available space in your business, get in touch with First Floors today on 01789 764172 to discuss how a mezzanine floor can solve all your space problems.