Secure your mezzanine floor with fire protection

Mezzanine floor fire protection is one of the most important safety features of any raised platform, regardless of its size or age.

Whenever our team installs a new mezzanine floor, we take the time to ensure the steel structure is appropriately secured with the right level of fire protection. It is a common assumption that steel by itself is incredibly strong and resilient to heat, but in the intense flames of a localised fire the steel will eventually begin to twist and deform, threatening the structural integrity of the entire platform.

The steel used in the construction of most modern mezzanine floors is very strong, but ultimately it will have been created from a flat sheet that has been rolled or welded to form a specific size. When heat is applied to this kind of steel, it attempts to return to its original form – meaning an entire structure can twist and buckle under the weight of the floor. This unfortunate reality is why fire protection is absolutely crucial.

All the mezzanine floors installed by First Floors UK are properly calculated and secured by the most appropriate fire protection materials available. We work to ensure you can be confident in your mezzanine floor or suspended ceiling, knowing it has been installed and protected to a high standard.

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