Protect your investment from fire damage

To help reduce the damage that may occur should there be a fire in your business location, fire rating is something that you should consider to be extremely important. In fact, it should be a priority in the planning stage when the flooring and structural interior of your premises is being installed.

Mezzanine floors are an ideal option for a whole host of different reasons, one of which is fire safety.

Not all mezzanine flooring necessarily needs to be fire proofed, but depending on their intended use and the building regulations, there may need to be additional protection. Fire safety is key to saving your business in the event of a hazardous fire breaking out.

Mezzanine Flooring Fire Safety

If more than 3 people will be working on the flooring at any one time, fire protection will be required. Also, if any edge is in excess of 20 linear meters and the area of the mezzanine floor exceeds 400m2, or the size of the flooring is more than 50% of the room it is installed in, you’ll need added protection. Having a professional inspect the area and inform you of the necessary requirements will ensure that you stay in compliance with Building Regulations.

There are a few different ways that fire rating can be determined, but the measure is commonly specified by a period of time. Firewalls, column casings, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors and cavity bearers are a few ways to create layers that will attempt to break down the fire and provide an early warning. Another option is to have fire rated staircase enclosures installed throughout your premises. They will allow time for employees to get to safety while providing a barrier from the heat. Since unprotected steelwork heats up rapidly during a fire, having protection can help maintain the structure of the building until firefighters arrive and attempt to extinguish the fire.

Protect your business investment today by installing a mezzanine floor and the other available structures that are mentioned above.

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