Does my Mezzanine Floor Need to be Fire Rated?

Where your mezzanine floor is located, and its purpose, will determine if it will need to be fire rated under Building Regulations.

All mezzanines that act as an additional storey within your premises, like a retail or office mezzanine, will need to be fire rated to ensure the safety of members of the public and employees. However, some mezzanines that are used solely for storage purposes won’t need to be, as long as:

  • The area of the mezzanine does not exceed 400m2
  • The mezzanine floor is <50% of the total size of the room that it is installed
  • The mezzanine floor is less than 20m in each direction

If your mezzanine floor is expected to exceed any of these parameters, or you know that it will be used by members of the public or your employees, you will need to ensure it is up to fire safety standards.

How do you Ensure a Mezzanine Floor is Fire Safe?

The rateable value of your commercial property is used to determine the business rates you pay. It is assessed by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), which is part of HMRC.

Your property’s rateable value is based on an evaluation of the yearly rent the property would provide if it was let on the market at a fixed valuation date. The VOA changes the rateable value of business properties to reflect shifts in the overall property market, typically every five years.

Will a Mezzanine Floor Increase Your Rates?

According to Building Regulations, a fire safe office mezzanine should provide employees with at least 30 minutes protection in the event of a fire, so that they can evacuate safely. At Fire Floors, we use many different methods to ensure that the mezzanine floors we install are up to standard.

Suspended ceilings

The most economical method of fire protection, a suspended ceiling is installed underneath your mezzanine floor to provide first-floor protection against fire.

Column casings

One-hour rated column castings can be installed to protect the steelwork of your mezzanine and prevent damage from fire. This is usually achieved by using PVC cladding or fire-retardant paint.

Fire-proof fascias

Fire-proof fascias can be fitted around all exposed edges of your mezzanine floor. This prevents fire from penetrating the beams above your columns.

There are other fire-safety measures that we can help implement at First Floors, including fire doors, alarms and sprinkler systems. If you are unsure what fire safety measures you need for a new mezzanine floor, our team is happy to help. Contact us today on 01789 764172.