Mezzanine Flooring: From Design to Installation

At First Floors, our designers and installation team work with you from the first survey to the final installation of your mezzanine floor. Our experts describe the process.

So you’re interested in a mezzanine flooring level, but what exactly would installation entail? With First Floors, you can rest assured that the process is fast, simple and straightforward, with experts in mezzanine flooring overseeing the project for the entire build. Read on to find out how the process works

We Survey your Site

Once you’ve got in contact with us for a chat about your mezzanine flooring requirements, and we’ve advised you on what we offer, we can arrange for our specialists to pay your site a visit. We’ll perform a full survey, working out the space available and how we can build an optimum and bespoke mezzanine flooring level.

In most cases, you don’t need planning permission for a mezzanine floor, as it’s a demountable structure, though we will be able to advise further regarding this. We will work out the loading based on British Standard load tables and customer requirements.

We Design and Draw up the Plans

Every mezzanine floor that we design and build is bespoke for the client. After our survey, we’ll sit down to design the look and layout of your mezzanine floor, producing detailed drawings and structural calculations.

You have the option to make requests and change aspects of the design and layout within two weeks. This may incur extra costs and delay installation, however.

We Manufacture and Install your Mezzanine Floor

We will assign an experienced project manager to oversee and supervise your project. We’ll need to clear around the area that you’re having the floor built for health and safety reasons, before working closely with your Local Authority to ensure your project complies with regulations.

We are able to complete every stage of your mezzanine flooring, including stairways, handrails, palette gates, cat ladders and wear plates.

First Floors Mezzanine (UK) Ltd specialise in all aspects of mezzanine floors & flooring, including mezzanine floor design, installation and manufacturing, suspended ceilings and partitioning. Contact us today on 01789 764172.