Managing Stress in the Workplace

Busy days in the office, excessive workloads and conflicting opinions amongst colleagues are often standard aspects of office life, but how much of this stress is unnecessary and to what extent can business owners put an end to it?

According to Emma Mamo, Mind’s head of workplace wellbeing and mental health, “Things like working long hours, excessive workload, and poor relationships with colleagues can lead to unmanageable stress.” She continues with: “Prolonged unmanageable stress can lead to health problems like depression or anxiety.”

As a business owner, there are a number of small changes you can make to keep your office environment as stress-free as possible.

How Can I Help to Ensure Stress is Kept to a Minimum in my Workplace?

Provide break areas for staff
In order to ensure that your staff members are able to relax during break times, it is important to provide an area in which they can step out of the office environment and focus on themselves. An office mezzanine floor provides the ultimate space above your usual working area in which your staff can take time out from a hectic workday.

Motivate your workforce to workout
Physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing are closely linked, motivate your team to exercise with small incentives and watch as the overall mood in your office workspace improves.

Create focused work areas
Busy work atmospheres can appear hectic and stressful. Why not provide your staff with quiet working areas in which they can concentrate in peace by adding glass partitioning to your office.

Liven up your office
Everyone enjoys a change of scenery! If you feel that your office is simply not fulfilling its purpose or is anyway hindering your team from completing their job as well as they’d like to, it might be time to consider an office refurbishment.

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