Keeping Up with Building Regulations

Building regulations for any business are a key aspect in safely protecting your team and visitors. The requirements set by Parliament and the UK Government ensure that your business is safe to work in for all workers.

Keeping up with building regulations can be made simple with our experts’ help, they take care of all details during the design and development process experience. We take responsibility for getting the works quickly approved, so our installation team can start designing your new mezzanine floor, partitioningshelving, or staircase.

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What are Building Regulations?

Building regulations are the minimum requirements for businesses approved by Parliament, for design, construction and alterations to their building. The Buildings Regulations 2010 is what every business should follow, which are supported by Approved Documents. To comply with building regulations, you must follow the practical guidance found in the Approved Documents, which has 17 sections and includes ‘fire safety’, ‘structure’, and ‘electrical safety’. Building regulations are different from planning permission, as they follow a standard guide developed by the Government. Whereas planning permission is asking if your specific business can install or construct a new addition to your business, which can get approved or declined by your local council.

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Things to Consider

The Building Regulations 2010 includes the rules for construction and extensions in your business, which will include any new mezzanine floors, suspended ceilings, handrailingpartitioning, or staircases. Although most projects are covered by the Building Regulations 2010, you might need approval to:

  • Replace fuse boxes and connected electrics
  • Install a bathroom that will involve plumbing
  • Change electrics near a bath or shower
  • Put in a fixed air-conditioning system
  • Replace windows and doors
  • Replace roof coverings on pitched and flat roofs
  • Install or replace a heating system
  • Add extra radiators to a heating system

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