How to Create a Flexible Workspace

We explore how small changes like a mezzanine floor, partitions or new desks can create a flexible workspace that improves productivity and wellbeing.

Create Extra Space with a Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floors are a simple and flexible way to utilise wasted airspace above your head and create valuable extra space. You could use your mezzanine floor as a breakout area or somewhere your team can go to be away from their desks for creative thinking. To add a little something extra to your breakout spaces, you could even experiment with fun or unusual seating options, such as hammocks or bean bags.

If you’re currently planning your return to the office and social distancing is a concern, a mezzanine floor could create the space your team needs to help them spread out.

Use Partitions to Create Dedicated Spaces

Large, open-plan offices can be great, but sometimes this layout is not the most practical. Glass partitions are a cost-effective way to divide up space, as they require little by way of structural modifications.

With partitions, you can create dedicated meeting rooms, areas for quiet work, and spaces for group work, training and team building. They also give you the best of both worlds, by reducing noise and creating useful spaces while allowing light to continue to flow through the office.

Consider Providing Standing Desks

Studies have shown that sitting at a desk for too long can have a negative effect on wellbeing and productivity. Sit/stand desks give people the option of changing positions from sitting to standing, with a crank handle that lets them choose the optimum height of their workspace.

This flexibility means that people can move around, stretch their legs and improve their posture – without having to move from their desk! Standing desks have proven to be a popular and successful option in many modern offices, so they’re worth considering if you’re thinking of ways to improve staff wellbeing.

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