How to Add a Mezzanine

Rooms with high ceilings can often feel vast and impersonal. A mezzanine is an ideal solution to this problem. Mezzanine floors not only make a space appear more inviting, but they also create valuable additional floor space.

It is important that a mezzanine floor works on both a practical and aesthetic level and, as such, there are a number of important things to consider before proceeding.

Mezzanine Floor Height Regulations

A mezzanine must be practical and functional. The mezzanine floor itself must be able to accommodate even the tallest individual and the space below the mezzanine must also work. A ceiling height of 14 feet (4.2m) will allow you to have both a mezzanine and a functioning area below it. For ceiling heights lower than 12 feet (3·6m), the space below the mezzanine can be turned into storage for concealing white goods and other items.

Access to the mezzanine needs to be practical, and not take up too much floor space. Spiral staircases are a common way of accessing a mezzanine floor. They are extremely effective as they do not take that much space. Another benefit of a spiral staircase is that they are very aesthetically pleasing and can add style and presence to a property.

Additional Mezzanine Features

Soundproofing must also be considered if the mezzanine and the floor below are to be used simultaneously for different activities. Glazing-in the mezzanine will maintain visual transparency while addressing the soundproofing issue.

The mezzanine must visually enhance the property. Be wary of creating a structure that will feel top-heavy and draw constant attention to itself. The best mezzanines blend seamlessly into the property they are installed in.

A mezzanines support structure can include columns and arches, to divide the spaces beneath into activity-specific areas or in some cases the floor can be cantilevered creating an uninterrupted balcony look. The structure should make maximum use of transparent materials to create a feeling of openness and light. Heavy use of glass and aluminium can add a touch of contemporary design to even the oldest of properties.

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