Difference Between Acoustic and Glass Partitioning

Acoustic and glass partitioning in an office environment can greatly benefit a team, especially in an open-plan space where creating privacy can seem tricky. At First Floors, we have vast experience recommending our products to customers who are unsure of how their office environment can improve.

Partitioning is a fast and cost-effective method of changing your business layout, without the binding commitment that building work would require. Whether for soundproofing or styling needs, acoustic and glass partitioning is ideal for most businesses, find out which option is most beneficial for you today.

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Acoustic partitioning was created for establishments that wanted to control internal noise produced that affected concentration. In some offices, noise can be a distraction for many employees, due to there being no proper soundproofing measures implemented. You can create a custom section within your office that will give your team privacy, and peace of mind when conducting meetings with clients. We offer three types of acoustic partitioning that include Tenon Vitrage (dB), Komfire 75, and Komfire 100 that all perform different levels of sound reduction. Our team can also personalise your acoustic partitioning with glazing materials that provide more privacy to suit your exact needs.


Glass partitioning is ideal for businesses wanting to expand the look of their existing space. They allow natural light to flow through in an office, and create the feeling of more space. You can personalise glass partitioning to include logos and integrated text such as your mission statement, or brand strap lines that will show pride in your business. Glass partitioning gives offices the opportunity to create bespoke specialised areas such as boardrooms, offices, and meeting rooms to improve productivity and creativity.

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