Choosing the Right Staircase for your Mezzanine Floor

As a leading mezzanine supplier, First Floors can design and fit all types of mezzanine floors and staircases as part of our mezzanine installation services. Our team of experts have outlined the main differences between front of house and back of house mezzanine staircases – two options which are important to understand when planning a mezzanine floor for your business.

Front and Back of House Mezzanine Staircases

The type of access required for your mezzanine floor will largely be dependent on its intended use. For example, a mezzanine floor that will be used for storage of large and bulky items will require a completely different style and type of staircase than a mezzanine which is being used as office space. A mezzanine staircase can therefore be divided into two categories; front of house and back of house. In this case, a staircase for a storage mezzanine would be considered back of house – and for an office – front of house. Ultimately all staircases have the same purpose; providing access to the mezzanine floor – however, as the intended use differs, so does the look and feel.

Back of House Mezzanine Staircase

A back of house mezzanine staircase is typically designed to be a practical solution to mezzanine access and is, therefore, easier to install, hard-wearing and rugged for industrial use – these are typically found on a mezzanine floor at a warehouse facility.

Colour / Finish

Back of house stairs are usually provided in a painted finish with contrasting nosing on the treads for high visibility – perfect for busy working environments. Whilst you are still able to choose a paint colour combination of your liking, there usually isn’t much scope for further aesthetics.

Front of House Mezzanine Staircase

When thinking about adding mezzanine flooring to your office or retail space, it becomes more important to put more thought into the aesthetics. Luckily, a front of house staircase can be designed to suit the look and feel of your building or interior and have the balustrades to match.

Colour / Finish

At first floors, we are able to provide you with a design specifically for your project, having gained lots of experience in supplying and installing mezzanine staircases for many years.

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