Choose Your Staircases and Handrails Wisely

When it comes to adding staircases and handrails to your mezzanine floor, it’s important to bear in mind a few different considerations including the safety of your staff and the aesthetics of any extra features.

The floor structure itself will take care of all your storage or extra workspace requirements, but it is quite often the key additional features like staircases and handrails that are neglected. Both these components are crucial in a) allowing you access to the new floor space your mezzanine floor provides and b) prevents you from falling off it when you’re up there!

The primary factors when considering a suitable staircase are the use of the floor and regulations covering its intended purpose. We’ve highlighted the key regulatory specifications your mezzanine floor will need to meet.


If you are planning to use a mezzanine floors as a means of storage, your chosen manufacturer and installer should refer to Part K of official Building Regulations. These guidelines cover protecting you against the dangers of falling or otherwise harming yourself when using your mezzanine.


Part M of Building Regulations covers access and this includes disabled access. Office space mezzanines must conform to these rules, which include lower step rises and wider treads. There may also be a requirement for a middle landing if there are more than twelve steps to the staircase.


Public and retail staircases must have handrails fitted at 90cm and have surrounding panels to ensure that there is no risk of falling from the side.

When choosing a staircase, bear in mind its purpose when making your choice. Despite the detailed regulations surrounding them, you still have the ability to customise your staircase somewhat – for example, a mezzanine floor in a retail environment will still need to look aesthetically pleasing.

Handrails are similarly important, with the purpose of your mezzanine playing a big part in which style of railing you go for. Offices, retail and personal areas may benefit from bespoke handrails to add that final touch of professionalism to your premises.

The key thing to remember when constructing a mezzanine floor is that all the components need to work in harmony with one another. Handrails and staircases are key pieces of the mezzanine floor puzzle and shouldn’t be overlooked.