Can You Alter an Existing Mezzanine Floor?

Altering an existing mezzanine floor should be done by an industry specialist like First Floors UK Ltd as the floor must continue to comply with Building Regulations.

If you are looking to amend your existing mezzanine floor in any way, the main question will be what is the new purpose going to be? You may be reducing its size due to a change in workplace demand, or looking to increase its size for additional storage space.

Although Building Regulations have not changed significantly over the last few years, their main aim is to ensure that the floor remains safe in the event of a fire or other safety hazard for both people on the floor or underneath it.

For example, if the existing floor has no fire protection and is now used as an office space, the entire structure would need a full review to ensure people can still exit the building quickly and safely. Our team will look at all the available exit routes to guarantee your altered mezzanine floor is safe for all users.

Change the purpose of your mezzanine floor

We often come across mezzanine structures that have been built by general labourers with no design calculations or drawings set out before construction, meaning there is almost certainly a lack of Building Regulation approval. Whilst these structures may be strong enough for their purpose, they are likely to be missing key safety features and have not been officially approved.

Without this level of certification, there is the potential that should an incident occur, the lives of individuals could be at risk and the owner or landlord of those premises could be held culpable.

If you are looking to alter your existing mezzanine floor, contact First Floors UK directly on 01789 764172 for specialist advice and expert guidance.

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