Acoustic Partitioning for Hybrid Workplaces

With the worst of Covid seemingly past us, the UK government has encouraged the workforce to return to the office, citing the many benefits of being in a social but focused environment.

But not all of us have returned. 18 months of working from home has shown us how great that set up can be – resulting in many companies moving towards a hybrid workplace, with some staff members at home and some in the office.

As suppliers of bespoke acoustic partitioning, we know all too well the struggles of businesses that are looking to make room for dedicated soundproof space – so we’re taking a look at how acoustic partitions are helping businesses evolve for the hybrid working movement.

Open-Plan Offices and Conference Calling

With the hybrid working movement, conference calling has become an integral part of day-to-day business operations. Businesses are now having to create more space for private conference calls to take place, which means the redesign and partitioning of existing office space.

When looking for material that could meet the acoustic needs of an office like that described above, glass springs to mind – its transparent properties lend itself perfectly to the open plan, light and social ethos now being bought into, while its acoustic properties mean conversations remain private and microphone interference is kept to a minimum.

The unobtrusive nature of glass lends itself to the trend of smaller conference spaces too. Easily sectioning off small sections of an open-plan space for ‘huddles’ (small team conversations), or small ‘booth’ spaces that are optimised for call privacy, caters to the need of the modern business.

Choose First Floors for your Acoustic Partitioning and Office Optimisation Needs

If you’re looking to optimise your office for the new hybrid way of working, look no further than First Floors. Our acoustic office partitions provide an effective way to redesign your office without disrupting the feel of light and space.

At First Floors, we’re dedicated to optimising your space for video or audio calling. Why not visit our website, or give us a call on 01789 764172.