A Brief Overview of Office Partitioning

Primarily used to divide work areas, allow for space efficiency and improve employee performance, office partitioning is something that has grown, and will continue to grow, in popularity.

In today’s fluctuating economy and ever-changing marketplace, businesses are changing and evolving at a quicker pace than ever before, meaning that the need for scaling up or down at a rapid pace is commonplace. As office portioning allows companies to adapt their workplace accordingly and in a way that is less troublesome and more cost-effective in comparison to more permanent structural changes, it’s no wonder that businesses of all sizes favour it.

Given the rise in demand for office partitioning services, there is now a huge choice of different options available when it comes to configurations and styles.

Taxable benefits of re-locatable partitioning

John Good and Sons is the company that is solely responsible for the tax treatment businesses all over the UK are entitled to today when it comes to re-locatable partitioning. Going back to 1948, the company was rejected any tax relief for its outflow on partitioning – a decision which they had overturned at the Court of Appeal.

The inspector who originally oversaw the project stated that the partitioning was part of the building and was therefore not eligible for any tax allowances. The shipping agents that were involved in the case argued with this statement and said that they had commanded the architects to ensure that the inside of its new premises was adequately flexible to allow for a change in business requirements. Subsequently, the partitioning that was chosen used hardboard sheeting that was implanted into metal ribs that screwed into the ceilings and the floor. And as a result, the partitioning was made reasonably easy to relocate.

The conclusion that was reached was that any partitions that are made to be movable to meet the divergent needs of a business now qualifies for plant and tax allowances.

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