5 Benefits from an Office Refurbishment

Maximise the space in your business’s working environment with an office-fit out conducted by our expert team. Enhance and improve your office space to reflect your brand today with new mezzanine flooring, acoustic partitioning, suspended ceilings and glass partitions from First Floors.

We deliberate the multiple benefits of an office refurbishment for a business environment, did you know it could not only improve productivity in your employees it can also attract more customers. Whether you’re looking to have a small transformation or a full office refurbishment our experts can help you decide the best solution for you, call us today on 01789 764172.

1. Extra Space

For most businesses as they become more established, they will need more space for working and storage purposes. Mezzanine flooring is ideal to integrate more room into a building, without giving up any space in return. Available in hundreds of different personalisations in size and appearance, mezzanine flooring can give you the opportunity of expanding your business without costly extensions or moving into new premises.

2. Improve Productivity in your Team

A good working environment is guaranteed to improve employee’s spirits and productivity within the workplace. If you update the facilities in your office space it shows your team that you care about your business. It also shows that you care about their happiness while working for you, modern furniture and decor will be a guaranteed fan favourite.

3. Keep Up with Health and Safety Regulations

Office refurbishments not only look good, they keep your office in date with health and safety regulations. Over time facilities within businesses begin to become more worn and not look as new, this could become dangerous for your employees and clients. Provide a safe environment for your business with durable mezzanine flooring, it will safely store heavy products and equipment in a secure area.

4. Attract New Clientele

With personalisation options of adding text and logos to partitioning, you can wow clients and visitors with your stylish new office. Keeping an office modern and up to date with the latest trends doesn’t have to break the bank, simple changes of branded partitioning can positively change the tone of an office.

5. Create a New Atmosphere

A refurbishment of your business will definitely bring a new lease of life into your office. Do you remember the last time you updated your office? If it was so long ago you can’t remember then now is the perfect time for new facilities of suspended ceilings, mezzanine flooring, and partitioning.

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