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A lack of storage space is a challenge nearly every business ends up facing. There never seems to be enough room to accommodate all the stock and equipment you’ve built up, resulting in piles of boxes that turn organisation into a nightmare and put your staff at risk of safety hazards.

Luckily, there’s a simple and cost-effective way to expand your storage capacity in a matter of weeks: installing a mezzanine platform!

Installed in the unused space above your head, a mezzanine platform can act as a dedicated storage area capable of handling even heavy-duty items. You gain all the benefits of increased storage space, without the cost and hassle of expanding your building or investing in a separate storage facility.

With over three decades of experience, First Floors are the UK’s go-to specialists for mezzanine platforms. We’ve designed, built, and installed mezzanines for all types of needs, giving us the expertise to create a platform that’s perfect for storing just about anything.

If you’re ready to get started, get a free quote online or call us on 01789 764172 today!

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Why Expand Your Storage Space With a Mezzanine Platform?

Combining high-quality construction with a quick, cost-effective installation process, our mezzanine platforms give you the best of both worlds.

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A mezzanine platform is a budget-friendly and versatile way to increase your business’s storage space. Since it’s a standalone structure, you can easily adjust or move it as your storage needs evolve.

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Improved Organisational Capabilities

A mezzanine platform doesn’t just give you extra storage space – it also makes organisation a breeze, saving you time and reducing the chances of misplacing items. Take it even further by upgrading to integrated storage and shelving systems!

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Custom-Made for Your Workplace

We offer a variety of colours, handrails, and decking styles for you to choose from, so you can easily match your platform to your company’s aesthetic. This lets you expand your space without compromising on style or professionalism.

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Quick to Install

We prepare all the components in advance before assembling them on-site, allowing us to quickly install your new mezzanine platform. This not only guarantees a smooth and seamless process, but also keeps any disruption to your business at a minimum.

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Versatile Designs

Our mezzanine platforms are built with a versatile modular design, making them a perfect fit for all kinds of businesses and buildings:

Why Trust First Floors for Your Storage Mezzanine Platform?

Thanks to over 30 years of hands-on experience, the team at First Floors team are specialists in custom mezzanine design and installation. We handle each project from conception to completion, taking care of every step in the process with skill and expertise.

Working closely with you, we’ll create a personalised design that fully meets all your storage needs. We’ll then move onto optional enhancements like partitioning, soundproofing, and suspended ceilings, so you can streamline your operations even further.

Get a quote online or call us on 01789 764172 to get started. We’re excited to showcase how we can meet all your business’s storage needs!

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