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Whether you need to boost your sales area, create more storage or increase your office space, our mezzanine floors offer you the option to decide how to enhance your retail outfit all within the free airspace above your head.

To find out more about how a mezzanine floor can increase your space without the expense, disruption or stress of moving, call First Floors today on 01789 764172.

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Mezzanine Floors Designed For You

By offering a wide range of high quality interior products, handrails and decking for you to choose from and a quality finish which fits seamlessly into your company image, our mezzanine floors are an ideal option to enhance your retail business.

Larger buildings are prime candidates for a retail mezzanine floor, as they have the right amount of volume available and can hold a significant amount of additional flooring. Without utilising this extra space, your business could be missing out on storage space or that new department you desperately need.

When a mezzanine floor is combined with integrated storage and bespoke shelving systems, they can be considered a cheap yet flexible method of boosting your flooring space without moving premises.

The retail flooring we provide can be tailored to your business requirements, matching the design and theme of your business to enhance the atmosphere for your customers and employees alike. It is our pleasure to provide accurate advice and information regarding the entire process behind adding a retail mezzanine floor to your premises, right through from design to construction.

Retail Mezzanine Installation

First Floors mezzanine floors are fast to install as all components are pre-fabricated prior to site assembly; keeping disruption, work time and cost to a minimum. All of our mezzanine floors are seen through by our experienced First Floors engineers from design to construction, keeping to a pre-decided plan to ensure that your floor space reaches its full expectations and potential.

Our retail mezzanine floors are designed around you – we work alongside you, almost as part of your own business, to understand what it is you need from your new workspace. By doing this, we can add or remove features at the design stage of the process, reducing costs and potential issues further down the line.

Our highly skilled team will discuss all options with you, working quickly and efficiently to minimise any subsequent effects on your business while we complete the installation.