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When you first move into a new office, you may feel you have more than enough space available to meet your needs. However, as your team expands, it won’t be long before things can start to feel cramped. People will find themselves stepping over each other, struggling to store their belongings and equipment, and feeling claustrophobic. Not only is this bad for morale, but it lowers productivity and even poses a potential safety hazard. Of course, buying or renting another unit isn’t always cost-effective – beyond the initial purchasing costs, you’ve got all the extra bills that come with operating two buildings. So what can you do instead?

mezzanine floor is the perfect alternative. Slotting seamlessly into your existing building, it will allow you to use the empty space above your head for storage, extra desks, or even a break room – all at the fraction of the cost of a new building. First Floors are the UK’s leading mezzanine floor specialists, with over three decades of experience in the industry. We’ve designedbuilt, and installed office mezzanines of all shapes and sizes. No matter the design you have in mind, we’ll make sure your new mezzanine matches it perfectly.

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Why Expand Your Office With a Mezzanine Floor?

Need more room to work? Capitalise on free vertical space with a high-quality mezzanine floor for your office.

Cost-effective Alternative

Investing in a new unit for your business can cost anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds. When you’re trying to keep business expenses down, it’s an option that’s far from ideal. An office mezzanine floor will save you thousands on moving fees, utility bills, and maintenance, as well as the actual purchasing cost.

Even better? Because it’s a freestanding structure, you can easily extend and relocate it as expansion occurs within your business, saving you money down the line. It’s also unlikely you’ll need to get planning permission or pay business rates on it!

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Bespoke to Your Office

We’ll design your office mezzanine around your unique requirements, incorporating features that improve the efficiency of your office.

We visit all sites prior to any designs being drawn up, so we can get a precise understanding of your business and its operations. We’ll then take care of the entire manufacturing and installation process, keeping you in the loop from beginning to end.

No matter what you’re looking to use your mezzanine floor for, we can make it a reality. Some of the many functions we can build your mezzanine around include:

  • Storage
  • Cubicles and working areas
  • Break rooms
  • Private offices
  • Meeting rooms
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Visually Consistent

Worried your mezzanine floor will stick out like a sore thumb? Don’t be – we’ll give you total control over its visual design elements. Choose from a variety of handrailstaircase and decking combinations for a mezzanine that complements your existing office design seamlessly.

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Why Trust First Floors for Your Mezzanine Floor Office Design?

First Floors are mezzanine flooring experts, specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality mezzanines and accessories.

Our team have the skills and expertise to install floors of all sizes and in all locations. Working with you, we’ll design a multi-functional mezzanine floor that expands your office space, improves working conditions, and boosts productivity.

We can also discuss partitioning systemssound insulation, and suspended ceiling options with you, so we can make sure your news office mezzanine design meets all of your business’s needs.

Book a site survey online or call us on 01789 764172 today to arrange a free quote for an office mezzanine.